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Your Do-It-Yourself body care brand

Organic, sustainable, and customizable.

Each Large Oleum Vera kit contains a 4-month supply (or more!) of organic, high-quality ingredients.

And recently released are the ORGANIC MINI KITSwhich will give you a handful of treatments, packed full of organic goodness. The ORGANIC MINI KITS are available in Hair Kit, Scrub Kit, Toner Kit and Mask Kit.

Reclaim your self-care routine through the combined powers of everyday ingredients, organic oils, butters and more, and a gentler, more natural approach to body care.

Oleum Vera is made up of DIY people on a DIY mission.

We want to empower you to build an all-natural beauty routine that works for you, from scratch.

We do this by providing you with organic, unadulterated goodness from Nature, easy, endlessly adaptable recipes, and the knowledge you need to tailor them to your body’s needs.

Play. Create. Glow.

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